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Amanda Calabrese | USA

Some of Amanda Calabrese's earliest memories are of the emerald green waters off the coast of Eastern Long Island where she learned to surf, started as a nipper in her local junior lifeguard program and created her first business.


She is the 4 time United States National Beach Flags Champion, 7 time member of the US Lifesaving Team and one of the most decorated American female lifesavers, but these are not the achievements she is most proud of.


An engineering graduate of Stanford University, Amanda takes pride in her entrepreneurial spirit, nurtured during summer breaks at home in The Hamptons while running successful swim and surf lesson businesses, and now starting her own company, Tempo, of which she runs full-time in San Francisco. An advocate of gender equity in sport, Amanda is well aware of the discrimination she has experienced as a strong-willed, determined female athlete, and through her mentorship of young women in surf lifesaving and the mission of her company, she strives to support confident women in their professional and athletic journeys. She and her business partner are hard at work unveiling the first engineered tampon, with the vision of keeping women focused on their goals rather than leakage.


When she is not competing or working with tampons around the world, she is surfing the icy waves of Northern California or volunteering with the City Surf Project, a group providing under-represented youth in San Francisco access to the ocean. 

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